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IoT Edge Platform for Enterprise

Forest Giant’s distributed edge platform enables device connectivity and discovery, real-time communication, and data processing -- all on-premise and close to your assets. Our modern technology tools are industry agnostic, enabling any vertical to easily adopt edge-powered solutions.


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Enterprise Services

We're looking for strategic partnerships that leverage our enterprise platform and services teams. We create custom edge systems and applications for your unique industry and project needs. Our dedicated engineers and designers can be your solutions team or work in tandem with your experts.

Expert Consultation
Let us help plan and execute your next project. No matter where you are in your production cycle, we can provide consultation for edge systems, platform usage, application design and development, and more.
Platform Enhancements
By leveraging our enterprise platform, you get access to additional capabilities like system configuration and control. We also develop custom platform enhancements based on unique industry and project needs.
Custom Solutions
We've been designing and building custom applications and experiences for over a decade. Every project and industry presents unique challenges -- our team works closely with your users and other stakeholders to build custom solutions to fit their needs.
Help & Support
We offer a high level of support and training for our open-source and enterprise level tools that can help streamline your project implementation and maintenance. Our team creates custom support packages to align with each of our strategic partners’ unique needs.
Industries We’re Excited to Work With
Whether it is managing a remote manufacturing facility, or simply transforming your existing operations to leverage the power of IoT, Forest Giant can help.
Oil & Gas
Smart Buildings
Connected Cities

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Recent Projects

We’ve been building our own apps and connected environments for a while - that’s where the inspiration for our edge platform came from. Check out some of our recent projects that leverage our open-source and enterprise tools. Check back for full case studies on these projects soon!

Flying Axes
Business operations & customer engagement
Our edge platform powers Flying Axes, Louisville’s only indoor axe-throwing venue. This project utilizes custom-built applications for score control and analytics, our open-source services and some of our helpful enterprise tools. With this edge system, Flying Axes staff can more easily coach games, calculate the overall utilization of the venue, and make informed operational decisions about staffing and equipment.
Peabody Essex Museum
mixed-media exhibit installation
Forest Giant has partnered with the Peabody Essex Museum on their upcoming exhibition Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed, and Style. Our edge platform powers a Distributed Scriptable Theater Environment for part of the exhibition, allowing lighting, screens, and sounds to work together to tell the story of fine dining on ocean liners in the mid-19th and 20th centuries.
The Magic Forest
product / advertising exhibit
We created The Magic Forest exhibit to showcase the power of our edge platform at the 44th annual MCN Conference. The exhibit is composed of seven Raspberry Pi computers running our platform, a motion sensor, speakers, a monitor, lighting elements, and stylized foliage connected to motorized servos. The exhibit showcases how screens, physical elements, sound, and lights can all be incorporated into one unified, edge-powered experience.

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